Alric the Star Marine

He slowed his breathing and went into the state he taught his troopers – Dead Still – used when a Star Marine was about to ambush their enemy. Alric then deactivated all of his spacesuit’s systems, but not before using the exoskeleton’s power to wrap his body with a piece of floating metal. He waited […]

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Vasilisa the Spacer

  Vasilisa, being part of a family of spacers, had received even better training. Instead of playing with toys, like many other aliens – she’d learned how to repair and maintain spacesuits and weapons. While the children of other races were blissfully ignorant of the dangers that populated the Galaxy, she’d piloted starships through deadly […]

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The last battle of Bremen

    It had been a long chase, but the “Bremen” had finally caught up with its pirate quarry. Near an asteroid field, they had slid out of a wormhole and immediately were shot at, by not one, but multiple vessels. The ship’s crew was highly motivated, their skills and abilities honed to perfection, and […]

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“Twin suns of Carrola”

You can support me by purchasing the first book on here: This is an unedited excerpt from my second book of the Starshatter series: “Twin suns of Carrola” A lone human dismounted his strangely designed bike and stretched his limbs. His eyeglasses were oddly shaped but reflected the powerful sunlight that those two suns were […]

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My first Sci-fi book!

It is finally out! After much heartache and hard work and lots of hurdles along the way, Starshatter is published on Personally, I wish to thank my editor Indigo Altaria and Illustrator Marduch Pendragon, for their selfless devotion to my project and all of their support! Without their inspiring influence, this book wouldn’t be what […]

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